Girls Camp 2011 – Preface

Girls Camp is one of the things I liked best about being a “Mormon” when I was a teen. It meant a week away from home with friends (that were a good influence), having fun, swimming, camping, snype hunting, etc. So when I was asked to be Camp Director for our Ward this year, I was totally stoked about going to camp.

Preparations started in March. I was totally new to this calling so I felt completely unprepared and unsure of myself. I had parent meetings to arrange, fund raiser to organize, and equipment to locate. I had some experience with these girls previously so meeting with them and their parents was a breeze. My family went camping for most of our family vacations when I was a child so, the equipment list wasn’t bad either. The fund raiser . . . that’s a whole other ball game!!! Needless to say, it was a little overwhelming. I started in March and it didn’t end until May (Mother’s Day weekend).

By the time camp actually got here, I was ready for it to be over. However, I was determined to have fun because I used 4 of my precious 10 vacation days to go to camp with these amazing girls. Boy was it worth it!!

Aren't we cute?


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