Girls Camp 2011 – Day 3 “The Hikes”

Day 3:

I have mixed feelings about “day 3”. It was the hardest and the easiest day at camp. The hardest because we had to wake up super early to go on our hikes. Breakfast was portable and easy. We also got a bag of snacks and a bottle of water for hike. Levels 1, 2 and 3 took a hike. Level 4 got to sit it out since they had a rough day on Monday.

I was assigned to Level2 girls all week so I got to go with them on their hike. This is our group before we started.

Level 2 girls and YCL's

Why is it the hardest? Level 2 girls were supposed to do a 5 mile hike, yeah right!! Since we had been experiencing 100 deg temps all week, the stake leaders cut our hike to 2.5 miles. We walked from the far north side of our camp area to the picnic area where my “stump” is located and back.

Avery and Kasenya on the Level 2 hike

For the Beauty of the Earth



The theme for the week of camp was “For the Beauty of the Earth”, after one of our hymns.



Why is it also the easiest? We got back so early from our hikes, we had a couple of hours to sing songs and play games at our camp sites. It was so fun to hang out and relax and get to know the girls better. Our group had such a great attitude all week long even though we had a less than desirable  situation i.e. sleeping in tents, 100+ temps, no showers, porta potty’s for bathrooms, no a/c, etc. We received several compliments from stake leaders about our girls and their great attitudes.

There is a really cool trail that leads down to some small cliffs near our camp site. I took a few of the girls that wanted to go. It was so pretty there. They were skipping rocks and enjoying the view.

Jenni, Izzy, Kim and Tanille at our secret spot

We had a baked potato and salad bar for dinner. After our evening flag ceremony it was testimony night with our Bishopric members. Before the testimony meeting, we had a 5′ long banana split for desert. Holy cow, I think that is the largest banana split I have ever seen.

Lined up at the "trough" for desert

5' of ice cream 🙂

There wasn’t much left when they finally finished eating.

Testimony meeting was great. We got to hear each of them express their love for their Heavenly Father and the Gospel.







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