Girls Camp 2011 – Day 2 “OMG, Sis. Andrus”

Day 2:

Surprisingly, it was pretty dry when we woke up. We were supposed to eat breakfast as a stake but, they didn’t cover the fire wood so, it got wet in the storm. We ate french toast made on our camp stoves we brought. Glad we were prepared!!

We did our normal morning stuff, flag ceremony, songs, certifications, etc. Lunch was served almost on time, they were getting better.

Our afternoon activities consisted of 1hour free swim, 1 hour swim, 1 hour crafts, 1 hour at the ball field. Today our craft was survival bracelets. It was kinda fun but, I am really bad at it. Some of the girls were really good and caught on quickly (Avery).  Our activity at the ball field is “Kiddie Pool Kick Ball”. OMG!! Our girls loved this game, especially the “Slip-N-Slide” to home base.

The preparation

Jenni sliding into home plate










There was supposed to be a “homemade shower” contest. We are the only ward that had a fully functioning home made outdoor shower. Jenni was the first to test it out since she was the oldest and one of three that had been there the longest.

Model your feet

For dinner that evening we did Hobo dinners. They were good!! After dinner we had to fit in our skits from Day 1, devotionals from two great leaders and “Singing Trees”.

Sister Andrus spoke on Attitudes.She did an AH-MA-ZING job. She even took off her shirt for us. LOL

Attitude is everything

Our skit was GREAT!!! We did a “therapy session” based on our camp experience. Take a look at our AWESOME video here:

When I first heard about the “Singing Tree” idea, I have to admit, I thought it sounded REALLY cheesy!! We chose the song “Young Women Holding Hand Around the World”. The concept is each ward surrounded a tree (in the dark), turned on their flashlights pointed into the sky and sang their song. Once the song was complete, you turn off your flashlights and another ward starts. As each group sang, the spirit was so strong and it was an awesome experience. It was as though the trees were glowing with the spirit of God!! WOW!!!!!!!!


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