Girls Camp 2001 – Day 1 “What Stump”

Day 1:

Knowing we had a LONG day ahead of us, we met at 0ur church building at 6:45 am on Tuesday, June 13th. We only had 8 girls going up that morning since 3 had gone up the previous day. Breakfast was donuts, sausage kolache’s and juice.

Got on the road about 7:15. It should have been a quick 1 hour trip to Lake Murray in Oklahoma. But . . . our directions were awful and it took about 1 hour 45 minutes to get there. One and a half hours in, we thought we had gone too far and decided to turn around in a picnic area. I didn’t look where I was turning I just knew I didn’t want to drive all the way around the picnic area just to get back out. As I started to turn, my co-pilot (Michelle Scott) asked “Are you going to run over that stump?” As I asked “What stump?”, I realized what stump she was talking about. OMG!! The stump was huge!!!

As I finished making my U-turn all I could see were people in the other 2 cars laughing hysterically as they watched us dive over the massive stump. One of the girls in my car hit her head on the window because it was so rough. SORRY!!

“What stump” became our Ward theme for the week. LOL!! It doesn’t look like much here but, it was easily 4′ across.

What stump?

Once we arrived, we started to put together our camp. We had the BEST camp site in the whole area! It was wide with lots of trees. We began set up camp in the near 100 deg heat. We had 11 girls, 4 leaders and 5 tents. Everyone pitched in and helped, camp went up quickly. We had plenty of time to get everything together before heading up for the morning flag ceremony.

Izzy and Sis. Ritchie putting up our clothes line.

The girls separated into levels and went to do their certifications.

Lunch wasn’t served til around 12:30. With such a large span between breakfast and lunch we had some girls that didn’t feel well. After lunch, we were blessed with 2 straight hours of water time. Hello lake, we love you!! Being able to spend so much time in the water helped combat the heat.

Dinner was separated into levels. Each group was to make Dutch Oven Taco Soup. We didn’t eat til around 8. Again, a large span between meals isn’t good. We had some girls not feeling well. Two of our amazing leaders made a trip to Wal-mart for snacks for the rest of the week. We can’t be losing girls because of hunger.

That night we were supposed to perform our skits. Plans quickly changed as a thunder storm approached. We were all banished to our tents by 9pm to wait out the storm. As the rain started, one of our girls tents sprang a leak. Thanks to a quick thinking leader (Richele Ritchie) they were mostly spared. She put an easy-up awning over the tent so they wouldn’t get soaked.


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