hobby, anyone?

Continuing on my request to “rediscover me” I have decided to start a new hobby. I am honing my sewing skills and I am going to begin making purses and bags. I have always had a crafty streak. I think it comes from my Nana. She was an amazing crafter. She could make ANYTHING!!! Around Christmas time she would have a craft sale in her garage where she sold all sorts of different Christmas decorations that she made throughout the year. I would spend a week with her over the summer and we would make custom purses, t-shirts, sweatshirts, shoes, etc. together. Making things with her is one of my greatest memories of my Nana.

In honor of her and to get me back, I have decided to take up this new hobby. I have a sewing machine that I have hardly used and I think it about time I learn how to sew more than a straight line!!! I made my inaugural trip to the fabric store on Saturday with my Mom. She was such a trooper. We started at a cute little quilting store in Keller called Old Town Quilts. The lady there was a ton of help. She answered questions I didn’t know I had. I learned what a “fat quarter” of fabric is (apparently, it’s a pretty common term). We also went to Michael’s and Jo-Ann’s.

I got a ton of totally cute fabrics, most of them by designer Amy Butler. You can check out her work here: http://www.amybutlerdesign.com. She has fabulous fabrics and patterns. I plan to use many of her products as inspiration for my projects. Take a look at some of my fabulous new fabrics . . . .

I will definitely need help at some point because I am a total NOVICE when it comes to sewing. All you peeps out there that have RAD sewing skills, be prepared, I may call on you. I know who you are. 🙂

Shout out to my Nana!!! Love you!!!!!


2 responses to “hobby, anyone?

  • Tori

    Well, I know I’m safe… you won’t be calling me. I loaned Lissette my sewing machine “indefinitely.” haha

  • Patti Wilson

    She was an excellent teacher of many things and I am glad that she took her vacation to spend with her grandchildren and teach each of you. She was a wonderful mother and grandmother and she would be proud of you for following in her footsteps. Now get to work I want to see progress on those purses and bags. I get first dibs for going out on that initial trip with you.

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