New Beginnings

So, this is it! This is my BRAND NEW blog. . . . At the suggestion of a great friend, I have decided to give this a go.

I have realized lately that I have so much to say but, I didn’t have an audience. You are now my audience(if anyone actually reads this besides me).  This journey may get a little bumpy at times. But, what road isn’t bumpy at times? This journey is real, it’s organic, it changes at every turn. . . .


These are my thoughts, my feelings, my experiences on a day to day basis. Some days will be great. Some days will be a little more challenging. I’m going to talk about it ALL! In a way, this is cheap therapy for me. I now have a way to get things off my mind that have been lingering for a long time.

I consider myself to be an “observer”. I don’t usually have a lot to say (out loud). I watch and listen to the things going on around me. I would rather stay “under the radar” than to be in the spotlight. This blog site is my new spotlight. It is the place where my “observations” will be revealed. It is where the things I wouldn’t usually say out loud will be exposed.

So buckle in and prepare for a tremendous adventure. Are you ready???

LET’S GO . . . . .



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